Fur Fashion

What the Style Authorities Say about Their Love for Real Fur and Fashion

Top fashion designers use different type of fur.Different types of fur coats are influenced by top fashion designers.
Top fashion designers use different type of fur.
Different types of fur coats are influenced by top fashion designers.

When it comes to fashion, some individuals have been interested in different types of fur and fur accessories, including fur coats for men. However, few people are familiar with these expert views on furs or why they have a love for using fur in their fashions. When you explore what the experts have to say about furs and the fashions that use them, it will make it easier for you to make the right choice, whether you are looking for new fur coats in Dallas or you need fur restyling.

Chanel Adams

Chanel Adams is currently the editor and publisher for the Massachusetts-based The Fashion Guru blog. Her love of fashion began when she was 14 years old and became interested in experimenting with different styles in her own clothing. However, her love of fur began when she discovered fur coats belonging to her mother and grandmother. She loved the smell and feel of the fur, which has led to her appreciation of different types of fur.

Christian Helmer Petersen

Christian Helmer Petersen is an up-and-coming fashion designer out of Denmark. For the past five years, he has worked with many of the top names in fur fashion design to create many of the latest fashion styles in fur coats for men and women, as well as fur accessories. He has been interested in fashion since he was 15  years old when he worked on an internship with a fur manufacturer. He looks back fondly on his first fur fashion experience. He loved the experience of watching people take his ideas and turn them into a reality to create amazing fur fashions.

Miriam Stella

Miriam Stella of Italy may be an engineer by day, but after the work day is done, she becomes a fur fashion blogger at Is Fashion My Passion? Her love of fashion started when she was young and watched her mother getting ready for a night out, carefully selecting her clothing and applying makeup. Her favorite aspect of fur fashions is seeing the new trends and proposals released in February for the next winter and looking forward to wearing the latest fur accessories.

Kelli McGuinness

Kelli McGuinness, a United Kingdom fashion degree graduate, enjoys creating new fashions, both with and without furs. Her goal is to be featured in London Fashion Week. McGuinness spends her time keeping her eyes open for new fashion ideas and elements that inspire new designs. She has always been interested in finding ways to implement furs into her fashions. She loves the potential every piece of fur has and strives to create unique fashions that will appeal to any fashionista.

Valerie Zimbal

Valerie Zimbal is part of a family that owns a mink farm in the United States. Because she was raised around mink furs, it only makes sense she would become involved in creating mink fur coats for men and women. She has always loved to express herself artistically and strives to put that passion into every fur fashion she creates.

Baartmans & Siegel

Baartmans & Siegel is a team of fashion designers in the United Kingdom that was founded in 2010. Both men saw their grandmothers wear fur coats and later determined these fur coats could be about more than warmth and functionality. With this thinking in mind, they create a variety of fur styles every year that appeal to the fashion sensible, as well as those who are looking for incredibly warm fur coats and fur accessories. They work hard to create modern classics to shape the fur fashion world.

Leandra Vallejos

Leandra Vallejos is currently a fashion designer and director of the young fur design team in Argentina. Her love of different types of fur began when she was a young girl and enjoyed browsing through her mother’s fashion magazines. She would cut out the pictures of the women wearing furs and keep them in a scrapbook. As she got older, she began helping her uncle with his chinchilla farm, where she loved to touch the soft animals and care for them. Her grandmothers even taught her how to identify the different furs. She  has translated this early fur exposure into a love of creating fur coats for men and women.

The fur fashion industry is filled with professionals who have become involved in the fur fashion industry for a number of reasons. Whether you’re considering buying fur coats for men or women or you need fur restyling, chances are the styles will be influenced by at least one of these fur fashion designers.

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