your fur coat is an investmentAre you trying to decide what to do with your old fur apparel? You generally have two options: restyling or selling. Deciding between these two options can be tough, especially for fur enthusiasts who may struggle with the idea of parting with any piece of fur in their possession. That’s why you deserve to be able to navigate the task of restyling or selling your fur with as much information about the process as possible. After all, your fur coat is an investment! Knowing the ins and outs of how much it’s worth ensures you’re able to make the best possible decision, whether you choose to sell or to redesign your coat into something new.

The first place to start with selling your fur is to seek out a knowledgeable appraiser. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Research Your Options

Before you pick out an appraisal service, it may help to first figure out exactly what you’d like to do with it. Restyling or selling your coat may be the most common options, but they both offer dramatically different results. Restyling mink fur coats involves taking the original coat in for servicing and leaving with a new and improved product. Selling, on the other hand, means you enter with a piece of fur apparel and leave with some amount of profit. Sometimes one of these methods may prove to be more profitable than the other. For instance, if your coat is very old and maybe even damaged, you may be better off restyling it versus trying to sell it, as restyling could increase the coat’s value. However, if your coat is already in good shape, you may earn a decent amount by selling. Going to the appraiser with a specific goal in mind will create the right framework for the conversation.

Check Out the Appraiser’s Credentials

The first clue as to whether a fur coat appraiser is worth working with is their credentials. This is the best way to gauge whether an appraiser is really knowledgeable about fur apparel and, as a result, whether their advice is trustworthy. When you visit with an appraiser, ask them specifically about their credentials and their previous education. If they have a website, feel free to check out their ‘about’ page. They should talk about their education and experience.

Never work with an appraiser who doesn’t mention their education and/or skates around the topic when you bring it up. They are highly unlikely to be able to give you the best possible value for your apparel.

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