Fur Vests
Keeping your furs dry is important.

Most people are very careful about when and where they wear their fur coats. For instance, while the fur coat is great for keeping you warm, you won’t want to wear your fur coat if it is supposed to rain or snow heavily. However, you can’t always tell what the weather will be. What was predicted to be random drizzle could end up in a downpour just as you are walking from the restaurant to the car. Knowing how to care for your fur coat if it gets wet is important in case this happens to you.

If the rain or snow is light and your fur coat isn’t very wet, all you need to do is shake your coat out and hang it where it can air dry. The fur originally belonged to an animal that was often out in the elements. This means your furs can stand up to the elements quite well itself. However, you want to minimize the moisture exposure your fur coat will get as much as possible. A light rain or snow won’t have a big impact on your coat.

If you get caught in a heavier rain or snow, though, you will need to make sure you take your coat to an experienced furrier. When the coat becomes so wet that the skin under the fur becomes soaked with water, there isn’t much you can do yourself. Even if you hung the coat up to dry, it would take far too long to become dry enough for you to wear it again. However, a professional furrier will have the tools necessary to dry the coat thoroughly.

You can always call a professional furrier to ask questions if you aren’t sure you will need to bring your coat in to be dried. If you don’t take your coat in to be dried, you can end up with many problems with your coat. The coat can easily become misshapen or stretched out because it was too wet when you hung it up. Therefore, whenever you are in doubt, you need to take it in to a furrier.

It is important to keep your fur coat as dry as you possibly can to avoid problems. However, if you end up out in a light rain or snowfall, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. If you end up in a heavier rain or snow, though, you will need to evaluate how wet your fur is. If it is too wet, you will need the help of a furrier to effectively dry it out without causing damage.