Mink Fur Coats
Mink fur coats can look great with just about anything.

Mink fur coats once spoke of a high class and elegance. However, in today’s society, more people are able to afford mink and other types of fur coats, making it a more universal option than it was in years past. Most people still save these coats for special occasions, though, not every day wear. Therefore, you need to know exactly which options work best with your mink coat.

Casual or Elegant

The first thing you need to do before you even buy a mink fur coat is to determine how you want to wear it. Some people prefer something more casual, while others want something they can wear for fancy occasions. The general rule of thumb dictates that a shorter coat is a better option for a casual look and a longer one is best for elegant occasions.

Casual Dress

If you have a short mink coat, you can wear it with just about anything you desire, including jeans and a nice top. The purpose of a
short fur coat is to provide you with the warmth you desire, as well as the look of a nicer jacket. So whether you are going out for a day of shopping in jeans and a sweater or you are heading out for the evening with the girls wearing a casual dress or dress pants and top, this type of coat is the best option.

Formal Dress

The perfect thing to wear with your full length mink coat is a formal dress. Whether you are attending a fancy dinner party or perhaps a black-tie wedding or other affair, this fur coat is the perfect complement to your outfit. Pair it with just the right shoes and handbag and you will exude elegance. Adding some additional fur accessories can be another great way to ensure you get the look you need.

Whether you are choosing to buy a mink fur coat for casual use or those special occasions, you need to know what type to buy and what to pair it with for the best look. If you want a casual coat you can wear with just about everything, a shorter mink coat is your best option. However, if you want something to wear for those special occasions, it is best to go with a full length mink coat you can wear with your most elegant fashions.