real fur accessoriesWinter is in full swing, and with its arrival comes the necessity of proper winter weather gear. Even those of you who live in the mildest of winter climates will want to keep comfortable and warm! The best way to do so is with a cozy piece of fur apparel, which is designed to deliver maximum warmth and keep you snug even in the face of the most brisk of winds. However, many consumers seem to forget that there are many more options on the market than just fur coats. On the contrary, there are a myriad of real fur accessories out there that suit a wide range of winter weather conditions. One of the most versatile is fur headwear, which is just as useful as it is compact and stylish. Unsure of how to pull off fur headwear with your winter ensembles? We’ll get you started by informing you of all the great options out there!

Fur Earmuffs

Whether you’re new to wearing fur or want to add a more subtle example of real fur accessories to your wardrobe, you can never go wrong with fur earmuffs. In fact, they’re the perfect piece of apparel for anyone who’s still learning how to wear real fur in a stylish and appealing way. Earmuffs are one of the most versatile clothing accessories around. You can easily slide them over your ears and wear them with just about any other piece of winter apparel in your closet. You can also collect multiple pairs of earmuffs in a wide array of colors, or pick one pair in a neutral color that can go with anything. Best of all, earmuffs tend to be “one size fits all,” meaning you won’t have to fret over finding something you love versus finding something that fits.


Hats are perhaps one of the most well known examples of real fur accessories on today’s market, trailing just behind traditional fur coats. However, while the first thing you may think of when you hear of a fur hat is Davy Crockett’s classic raccoon skin cap, there’s a much wider variety of fur hats to choose from than that! There are trapper hats, pillbox hats and even berets. Experiment with different fur hat styles to find something you enjoy, and be sure to try on hats before you buy one so you can be sure it fits.

Fur hats offer the distinct advantage of being one of the most practical forms of winter wear. As science has long since proven, heat rises; this principle especially applies to the human body. By covering up your head with a warm and toasty fur cap, you make it much less likely for your body heat to escape from you and leave you in the cold.

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