Real fur jackets look great with denim.
Denim is one of the latest trends in real fur jackets.

Just like every other area of fashion, the style trends for real fur coats change from season to season. Even though there are some fur coats for women and men that are always in style, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends so you can make the perfect choice when you buy a real fur coat. The following trends are picking up speed for the 2015-2016 winter season as it rapidly approaches.

The More Fur the Better

While many fur jackets in recent years have sported smaller amounts of fur because of the stigma that sometimes follows furs. There are still many people who protest the use of fur as something to wear, which can often make individuals uncomfortable when heading out in public. However, there’s no warmer material than natural fur jackets and other furs. Slowly, these trends are changing. As the new line of real fur coats comes out for the upcoming winter season, you will find more fur is currently in style. You will find plenty of long fur coats with added fur collars and fur cuffs, giving you all the luxury fur can provide. The more fur your coat contains, the more in style it currently is.

Creativity Is In

In addition to using lots of fur to create new fur coats and other accessories, today’s furriers are really getting creative with their furs. You will find furs in a variety of patterns, including stripes and spotted patterns. Not only can you find a vast array of patterns in your furs, but you will also encounter a wide array of bright, unnatural colors for fur coats for women and men. Fur can be dyed in just about any other color, making it relatively common to find furs in shades of red, blue, purple and more.

Consider Fur Collars

If a full real fur coat isn’t the right choice for you, you can still take advantage of all the luxury you can expect from fur jackets. Fur collars are a current trend you can find on coats that aren’t made entirely of fur. These fluffy fur collars can help you keep you warm and protect you from the elements without fully encasing your body in the luxurious furs. Fur collars look great on leather coats, as well as other types of coats, giving you a different look than the traditional winter coat without having to invest a lot of money in a full fur coat.

Patchwork Is a New Trend

While it has been used in the fur coat industry before, fur coats that use a patchwork pattern are becoming increasingly more popular. This method of putting together real fur coats allows you to choose more than one type or color of fur and put them together into a new creation. Everyone will notice this new type of fur coat and are sure to ask where you found it. This is also a great option if you’re having difficulty choosing just one fur for your next coat.

Pair It with Denim

Even though many people think denim was left behind in the 80’s, it has been making a comeback, especially when it comes to fur jackets. Choosing denim for your favorite jacket doesn’t mean you have to leave the fur to the side. You can pair the two together for the perfect combination of casual and luxury. The fashion trend of combining two opposites into something new has bled into the fur coat market.

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends doesn’t have to be a complicated process. When you are looking for the perfect real fur coat to wear this winter, you don’t have to settle for only vintage fur coats. While these fur coats are just as fashionable today as they were in the past, there are other types of coats that have come into style this year, giving you plenty of options as you begin your search for the perfect fur coats.

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