There's nothing like mink fur coats.
Mink fur coats are still in demand.

What type of fur do you think of most when you first hear the words “real fur coat?” If you’re like most people, the first type of fur that comes to mind is mink. Mink fur coats are often thought to be among the most luxurious because of the extremely soft, silky feel of the pelts, along with their bright sheen.

A Shorter Fur

One of the advantages of mink is it is a fashionably short fur. The guard hairs on the mink are relatively short in comparison to many of the other fur animals. These short hairs have always managed to hold the attention of the fashion world throughout the generations, even as overall fashion trends have changed.

Extremely Soft

Another of the attractive features of mink fur coats is how soft the fur feels to the touch. This can be attributed to the large number of hairs per square centimeter on the pelt. There are few furs that can match or outshine the mink and those that can are extremely difficult or impossible to obtain.

A Warm Option

Many people choose a real fur coat because they enjoy the incredible warmth they can offer. However, some of these furs are extremely heavy. In contrast, mink fur coats are incredibly warm without the added weight of other pelts.


When you buy real fur coats in Dallas, you want something that will last. You spend a lot of money on your fur coat and don’t want to have to buy another in a few short years. Choosing mink ensures you have a durable coat that will last for generations, allowing you to pass it down to your children or grandchildren to keep them warm.

A Variety of Colors

Another beauty of mink fur is it comes in a number of natural colors. You will find varying shades of white, grays and browns, allowing you to choose one that will best complement the rest of your wardrobe.

There’s good reason mink fur coats have long been desired among people who enjoy furs. Not only will they offer the luxury for which mink has become known, but they can also also provide the warmth and beauty you’re looking for from your real fur coat.

If you’re looking for mink fur coats in Dallas, contact us. We carry a vast selection of colors and styles to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.