real fur coatWhen you purchase a real fur coat, you’re investing in your wardrobe collection. The combination of keeping you incredibly warm during the winter months and the amazing style it offers makes furs and real fur accessories valuable in many ways. So when you’re shopping for furs, would you rather buy them online or purchase directly from a store? Online shopping has become popular, but it’s not the ideal option for everything, including shopping for furs. Here’s what to consider as you’re deciding on which fur to purchase.

You Can Try The Fur On In The Store

The first benefit of shopping for a real fur coat in the store is you get to try it on to ensure it fits properly. Furs are supposed to fit comfortably, so if it’s too tight or too loose, you may not wear it as much as you want to. This problem is eliminated when you wear it in the store for a few minutes. Plus, if there are minor alterations that need to be made, the professional furrier may be able to make them right then and there for you. When you order online, you’re guessing and hoping the measurements will be accurate and then will have to have the fur altered if they aren’t.

Ensure The Fur Is High Quality

If you’re shopping for a real fur coat or real fur accessories through a reputable dealer online, then you know the quality is guaranteed. However, everyone’s standards are different, so it’s beneficial to examine the quality of the fur for yourself before purchasing it. You can examine everything from the details in the color to the softness of the pelt and even the fur pattern. The weight of the fur is often an overlooked aspect as well since you don’t want one that’s too heavy on the shoulders or too light for your personal preferences.

Purchase The Appropriate Color In The Store

The colors of the furs you see online often aren’t going to look exactly as they do in person. When you’re shopping for a garment that matches with the other colors in your wardrobe, it’s critical to match the tones exactly. The quality of the images online can only be so high, but when you see the colors with your own eyes at the store, you’ll be making a more accurate selection.

Morris Kaye Furs in San Antonio has a wide selection of furs ranging from coats to vests and even real fur accessories. Our showroom is designed to give you all the options you need to make the best choice for your style. And while we always love seeing our customers in person, we understand online shopping may be necessary at times. When you shop online with us, we will be available to answer any questions you have to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions about our fur selection.