Fur Appraisal
A fur appraisal will protect you.

Everyone who owns a fur coat realizes exactly how much these coats can cost, as well as how much they are worth. However, there are certain situations in life that will require you to know exactly how much that fur coat in your closet is worth to you. Understanding when you need a fur appraisal will ensure you know just how much the fur coats or other fur garments you own are worth.

Insurance Coverage

Fur coats are one of those items that require you to carry an additional rider on your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure you get what you deserve in the case of theft, a fire or other damage in your home. To get the proper coverage for your fur coats or fur garments, you need to know just how much they are worth. A fur appraisal will help you get the proper amount of coverage so you don’t miss out if something happens to your fur coat.

Buying a Coat

When you buy fur coats, you would like to think you are offered a fair price. However, if you are buying from an individual, you want to make sure you aren’t paying too much for that beautiful fur coat. Without a fur appraisal, the price may seem fair, but later you may find out the coat wasn’t worth nearly as much as you paid for it. It is better to find this information out before you buy.

Selling a Coat

A lot of people prefer to hang onto their fur coats to pass them on to future generations. For others, though, there may come a time where it only makes sense to sell fur coats instead. To ensure you have a fair asking price for your fur garments, it is important to have a fur appraisal done so you don’t get an offer that is too low or ask a price that is way too high.

Knowing how much fur coats and fur garments are worth can be important, especially when you are trying to get insurance coverage or you want to buy or sell fur coats. This is why it is so important to get a qualified fur appraisal done to ensure you get the coverage you need or so you don’t spend or ask for too much or too little when buying or selling. Fur appraisals will protect you in any type of fur transaction.