real fur jacketWe’ve all seen different types of fur coats in various colors, sizes and shapes. It’s no secret furs are popular worldwide and you don’t have to look very hard to find one to invest in yourself. One question some people have is where do furs come from. They aren’t necessarily asking about what store the particular fur was purchased at, though. Rather, they want to know the origin of the fur and how it eventually made it to the showroom of a store. The answer isn’t as simple as you may think but we have some insights for you to consider that may help you understand where your real fur jacket came from.

Where Fur Farms Are Located

Fur farms are present worldwide, including the United States. Different climates are needed for certain furs, so having fur farms globally is essential. Mink fur is one of the most common types of fur coats in the United States, but this isn’t necessarily true in other countries. The ideal location for fur farms has to do with climate concerns and the number of fur farmers in the area.

What Happens Before Consumers Buy Furs

Once furs are taken from the farm, they are typically sold in auctions. The most common misconception is thinking the price of a fur is dictated by the type of fur being sold. However, it’s actually the supply and demand of furs at any given time that sets the standard for pricing. Furs are mostly purchased at auctions by retailers, designers and manufacturers that make different types of fur coats. These purchasers can send the furs off to be dyed before they even receive them so they’re ready to be designed immediately upon receipt.

Furs Have A Global Presence

Learning where a real fur jacket has been before you put it on can be fascinating. It could have originated in a fur farm in Scandinavia before being sent to an auction in Toronto. At most fur auctions you’ll see buyers from all over the world, but mostly from countries like Russia and China. One of the best fur design facilities is located in Denmark, so it’s possible the fur made a stop there as well. Then the fur could have been sent to a manufacturing location in Europe, New York, Montreal or other locations. Finally, the fur is sent to the specific retailer near you.

Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas enjoys educating consumers on exactly where their real fur jacket came from. It’s easy to just select a fur to purchase without knowing its history, but you may appreciate it even more if you know where it came from. When we say furs have a global presence, it simply means the particular fur you own could have traveled the world before you actually put it on. Furs are truly unique in many ways, so contact us at any time to learn more about them.