how to take care of real furNow that summer has arrived (and made sure to bring its triple-digit temperatures along with it!), you’ve likely heard quite a bit about how it’s time to store your fur apparel. After all, storing your fur once the warm weather hits is an important part of how to take care of real fur. Yet, surprisingly, not everyone heeds this advice! Some people try to persist with wearing their fur on those days where it’s not quite as hot, or assuming that stuffing their fur into their bedroom closet is enough to keep it safe for the summer.

We’re here to let you know these solutions typically aren’t the best to follow! In fact, you risk doing your fur a lot more harm than good by failing to give it to a professional fur storage services. The vast majority of people do not have the right conditions to store their fur at home, after all. If you’re on the fence about looking into professional mink fur storage, here are a few good reasons to consider utilizing this kind of service.

Your Fur Will “Live” Longer

It’s common knowledge that fur is meant to last for quite a while. There are pieces of fur apparel that have remained fairly intact for decades, and are still wearable! However, the only way to keep your fur in great shape is to take proper care of it. Utilizing professional fur storage services is a very important part of how to take care of real fur, because they have the resources and knowledge necessary to care for your fur during the time of year it is most vulnerable.

Professionals Actively Maintain the Best Storage Environment

When it comes to mink fur storage (as well as storing any other type of real fur), your apparel generally prefers the cold over all other temperatures. In fact, fur is actually known for being quite picky when it comes to storage! The ideal environment for storing fur tends to center around the number 50: a humidity level of no more or less than 50 percent, as well as a room temperature of 50°F. These conditions can be hard to maintain in the comfort of your home, but professional storage services are tailored to generate these conditions and maintain them consistently.

Most Professionals Care for Your Fur in Other Ways

When you choose professional mink fur storage, you pay for more than just stowing your apparel away for the summer. The majority of professionals will also offer insurance (on the off chance something happens to your fur while under their care), as well as inspection, cleaning and conditioning. All of these services ensure your fur will come back to you in the best possible condition, leaving you with less to worry about in the long run.

If the idea of professional mink fur storage interests you, know that our team at Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas and San Antonio is here to assist you with your storage needs! Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we can help your fur survive the summer.