mink fur coatWhether you’re in the market for your first real fur coat or if you have a few in your collection already, you probably have heard or read about the popularity of mink fur. There’s a certain amount of pride people have when owning and wearing a mink fur coat, and rightfully so. But what characteristics of mink fur make it so popular? We’ve taken a look at a few of the best attributes to find the answers.

Mink Fur is Soft, Yet Durable

There aren’t many types of fur softer than mink fur. If you want a fur you could just lay your head on and feel like you’re laying on a cloud, then mink fur is what you want to invest in. And as an added bonus, mink fur is surprisingly durable considering how soft it is. You typically won’t see this combination of attributes in other furs, so being high quality in both categories makes it extremely versatile

Short-Haired Fur is Stylish

A common misconception when buying a real fur coat is the hair has to be long to be stylish. That’s simply not true, and any mink fur coat you look at proves it. Short-haired fur like mink is incredibly stylish today and can be worn for many different occasions. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to style, but you have to try on a short-haired mink fur coat to truly appreciate what it has to offer.

It’s Perfect For Cool Days

Mink fur isn’t necessarily designed to keep you warm enough to go ice fishing, but it is perfect for your average cool day. Wear it when you’re going out on the town on a chilly winter night or taking a late evening stroll with your family and you’ll be comfortable and looking great. Since it won’t keep you too hot or cold, a mink fur coat can be worn during a wide range of temperatures.

The Cost is Reasonable

Mink fur often gets compared to beaver fur since they share many attributes. However, when it comes to the cost, mink fur is much more reasonable than beaver fur. This doesn’t mean mink fur is cheap, but rather, it offers a great value for people who want to have a stylish real fur coat and have a budget to stick to.

Morris Kaye Furs in San Antonio and Dallas is here to answer all of your burning questions about mink fur. It’s one of the most popular types of fur worldwide, and the same is true in our store. Mink fur is perfect to wear for virtually any occasion and fits many different tastes in style. Be sure to contact us at any time to learn more about the popularity of mink fur and to find the perfect mink fur coat to fit your style.