Morris Kaye real fur accessoriesWhen it comes to real fur accessories, you may more easily find more articles about why you shouldn’t wear them than why (and how) you should. It’s pretty unfortunate! Fur fashion has gained a terrible reputation from the 1990s onward, thanks largely to PETA and other animal rights groups. As a result, much of the fur fashion articles you’ll typically find in mainstream publications feature faux fur—a cheap imitation of the real thing. Real fur accessories are always the ideal option, for several reasons. Whether you’re skeptical over whether wearing real fur is the right choice, or just need extra ammo to reaffirm your decision to stick to real fur, here are some great reasons to add authentic fur fashion to your wardrobe!

Real Fur Is Healthier for You

This first point may seem a bit confusing. What on Earth does wearing real mink fur coats have to do with good health? Well, the answer lies hidden in plain sight: it’s all in the name! The “faux” in faux fur outright states that it was made through artificial means. It’s the complete opposite of real fur. Synthetic objects are notoriously composed of dubious materials, some of which can be directly harmful to human health. In fact, researchers have discovered that some of the chemicals used to create faux fur can lead to such illnesses and conditions as cancer and reduced fertility.

Real Fur Is Higher Quality

There’s a certain amount of effort and care that goes into creating mink fur coats—more than can be said for faux fur, in fact! The majority of fur coats on the market are created through a painstaking process. First, the fur must be harvested from a fur farm, where minks (or similar animals) are raised to provide the best quality fur. Animals at these farms typically receive the best possible care. Fur pelts are then obtained in a human manner, while the best of the best are specially hand picked by one of five certified auction organizations and sold to furrier companies. Compare this to the often mass-produced fur coat, which is often made from cheap, easily obtainable materials and slapped together by factory assembly lines.

Real Fur Leaves Smaller Footprints

As suggested by the name, faux fur is made of materials that will never decay—which spells trouble if your fur coat ever needs to be disposed of. Real fur accessories, however, are biodegradable. This means they will decay into more natural remains and will not harm the environment in the process. Faux fur, on the other hand, will leave behind various chemicals and other synthetic remains, which will do nothing but seep into the Earth and cause environmental damage.

We hope this blog has convinced you to only consider the real thing as you explore fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio. There are many other reasons to stick to wearing real fur accessories—including that they look great!—but the reasons listed above are a few of the most substantial. To learn more about fur fashion and take a glimpse at our expansive inventory of real fur apparel, contact Morris Kaye & Sons today.