professional fur coat cleaningNo matter how often you wear your beautiful fur coat, it deserves a professional fur coat cleaning at least once a year. Sometimes it’s obvious the fur looks a little dull from the oils from your skin or the dirt particles that inevitably get trapped in it. Often times, though, your fur may not even look dirty after a whole season of wearing it. If the softness of your fur coat has worn off a bit, it’s likely because the natural oils have been slowly stripped away. Not only can this make your fur feel stiff, but it can also make it prone to damage much easier. Here’s what you need to know about getting a regular professional fur coat cleaning.

Dirt Particles Can Make Your Fur Look Dull

Dirt particles can get trapped in the fur to the point where they aren’t necessarily visible. These particles can be particularly damaging due to their abrasive nature. The particles can rub against the fur and cause small holes to form. Not to mention the dirt particles steal away the coat’s luster since they strip away the natural oils. When you learn about how to take care of real fur from a professional furrier, one of the first things they will tell you is to get a regular professional cleaning. Be sure to make this at least an annual thing you do with your fur.

When is The Best Time To Clean Your Fur?

Since most furs are worn during the fall and winter months, the most common time of year for a professional cleaning is right before it gets stored away for the summer. This will ensure your fur gets stored when it’s in great condition so it’s ready to be worn right away when the temperature begins dropping in the fall and winter. Of course, if your fur coat gets excessively wet or dirty throughout the year, then you shouldn’t wait for your annual cleaning. The quicker you get it cleaned, the better condition it will be in for the long-term.

Trust A Professional To Clean Your Fur

A professional fur coat cleaning is invaluable to extend the lifespan of your fur. Taking it to a regular dry cleaner is never a good idea since they typically do not handle delicate furs regularly. On a similar note, you shouldn’t condition your fur coat at home unless you’ve been given specific instructions from a professional and have the right equipment to do so. It’s a small investment to have your fur coat cleaned professionally, but it’s well worth it when you consider the risks involved with not doing so.

Morris Kaye & Sons wants to teach you how to take care of real fur. When you buy a fur coat, you are making an investment that can be passed down to future generations. Getting a professional fur coat cleaning is just one step in preserving the value and quality of your fur. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for more tips and tricks on how to properly care for your fur year round.