fur coat restylingWhether you have one fur coat or multiple fur coats you don’t wear as much as you used to, there may come a time when you’re tired of it just hanging in your closet. Getting rid of it may not be something you desire, but you also don’t plan on wearing it as it is anymore. Let us introduce to you the benefits of fur restyling. The beauty of furs is they can be restyled into different items regardless of how old they are or how good they look. Of course, there could be some limitations depending on the shape it’s in, but here are some creative ways to restyle your fur.

Transform The Coat Into An Accessory

Some people turn to fur coat restyling to transform it into a fur hat, scarf, gloves or other accessory. Depending on the condition of the coat, you may even be able to make multiple accessories out of it. This way you can wear the accessories for different occasions and put your old fur coat to good use again.

Create A New Coat Shape

If your fur coat is still in good condition, you could consider altering the shape of it a bit. You have an abundance of options in this regard, including making the coat shorter, making the sleeve shape different, eliminating the sleeves completely and much more. The great thing about fur coat restyling is you can almost always create the vision you have for your old coat, so be as creative as you’d like to be.

Make A Coat Lining From Your Fur

Most people buy furs because of their warmth, but fashion plays a role in it as well. If you’ve lost your taste for the fashion aspect of your old coat, you can still take advantage of the warmth by making it a coat lining. Sometimes this is as simple as turning the coat inside out and making a few cuts, while other times you may need to have a professional take a look and transform it for you.

Turn Your Fur Into A Blanket or Cushion

Sometimes a fur coat may be too brittle or dry to undergo any kind of fur restyling. Not all is lost in these situations, though. You can easily turn it into a blanket or a cushion and enjoy the warmth and comfort for many more years. And even if you don’t necessarily have a need for one of these items, consider making it a gift for a loved one who would appreciate the comfort and style. They probably wouldn’t even be able to tell it was a result of fur restyling!

At Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas, we like to be creative when it comes to our furs. We talk to people every day who don’t know what to do with their old furs, but know they don’t want to get rid of them. In every situation, the customer is happy and satisfied with the result of their fur coat restyling, and sometimes we even get them into a new fur coat they can wear. Always feel free to contact us to learn about the many options you have with fur restyling.