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Your Real Fur Coat Can Be Handed Down: Take These Steps to Avoid Damaging Your Investment

Use quality care to keep your real fur coat looking great.A real fur coat can last for generations with quality care.
Use quality care to keep your real fur coat looking great.
A real fur coat can last for generations with quality care.

You spend a lot of money on a real fur coat, making it even more important to learn how to take care of real fur to protect that investment. With the right level of care, your fur coat can last a long time, often allowing you to pass it down through the generations. Women’s fur coats are especially valuable as a family heirloom. These tips will help you protect your investment so you can spend your time thinking about who will inherit your fur coat once you are gone.

Avoid Chemicals

It may seem obvious chemicals can damage your real fur coat, but when you consider the many ways it could be exposed to chemicals, you may think again. For instance, many women love to wear perfume. Have you ever considered what goes into making perfume and what type of damage it could cause to your coat? If you must wear perfume, spray it on well before you put your fur coat on. Hairspray and lotions can also cause similar damage to your coat. Cosmetics are another common cause of damage to your fur coat. Minimizing your coat’s exposure to these elements will help protect it so it lasts as long as possible.

Watch How You Sit

Not sitting while you wear your fur coat may be preferable, but it isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, sitting with women’s fur coats on can cause excess wear and tear on pressure points, as well as stress on the seams. if you can, take your fur coat off before you sit. However, if you are in a situation where you must sit, open at least the lower couple of buttons to remove the stress from the seams.

Watch the Accessories

Women love to accessories, but when you’re wearing fur coats, it’s important to exercise caution. Instead of using a handbag with a long strap that goes over your shoulder, select a small hand clutch. When the purse strap rubs on your fur coat shoulder, it will cause unusual wear and tear on that area of the coat. You should also be cautious about the jewelry you wear. Gems and clasps can become ensnared in the furs and cause serious damage when you pull it.

Store It Properly

Do you really know how to store a fur coat? Many people mistakenly think they can keep their real fur coat stored safely in their home at all times, but this isn’t the case. Keeping your fur coat in an uncrowded closet on a wide, padded hanger will help keep it safe during the winter months when you will wear the coat on a regular basis. However, when the summer months roll around, professional storage is essential.  They will keep your coat in a secure, environment-controlled location to keep it safe. Fur coats require specific temperatures and humidity levels that are difficult to achieve in your home.

Get Professional Cleaning

Men’s and women’s fur coats can’t be cleaned through traditional methods. You need professional fur coat cleaning in Dallas. Professional furriers use specific processes designed to gently clean the coat and remove debris without harming the delicate balance of natural oils needed to keep fur coats in excellent condition. This cleaning can coincide with your fur storage so you aren’t without your coat when you need it.

Dry with Care

When you’re wearing your real fur coat out and about during the winter, it will undoubtedly get wet at some point. When you bring your coat home, make sure you set it out to dry before you put it away in the closet. Drying your fur coat isn’t without challenges, though. Never use a blow dryer or other heat source to dry your coat, including putting your coat in direct sunlight. Instead, hang your coat up in an open space and allow it to dry slowly and naturally. If it is exceptionally wet, shake it out to remove any excess water.

Learning how to take care of real fur is a necessity if you own a real fur coat. Men’s and women’s fur coats make an excellent choice if you want to keep warm during the winter months, regardless of how cold it is outside. In addition, when you take great care of your coat, you will be able to pass it down to your children and grandchildren.

If you’re looking for a place for fur storage and professional fur coat cleaning in Dallas, contact us. We can provide all the services you need to keep your fur coat in excellent condition.