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Morris Kaye & Sons is a respected family business with a long history of excellence, and we are here to meet your needs, whether you are in the market for a fur coat, jacket, stole, vest, wrap, hat or other garment, need fur storage, fur cleaning or fur restyling; we have the experience and the expertise to bring you the very best products and services. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the highest quality and superior service with a guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Contact Morris Kaye & Sons today for your custom fur piece, fur storage, fur cleaning, fur novelty gifts, or for a consultation on your next fur purchase.

Morris Kaye & Sons

3060 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247
(214) 631-0804 ~ FAX (214) 631-0825
E-mail: [email protected]


Morris Kaye & Sons

555 E.Basse Road Suite #104
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 820-FURS(3877)

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