Western Furs

While our shoppers expect the utmost in luxury from Morris Kaye & Sons options like our mink and sheared beaver, we also more casual choices like our Western furs that include men’s fur coats and fur vests as well women’s fur options. Whether you are searching for Western furs for work purposes due to the warmth and durability of fur or you just enjoying the styling of our furs, we have a wide range of choices for you.

From the luxury of our Double Faced Mink with Stitching to our rugged Finn Raccoon Jacket with Detachable Leather Sleeves, Morris Kaye & Sons offers women’s fur coats and accessories that are as stylish as they are functional. Our Texas background gives us a unique perspective and reputation for creating and selling Western furs as a feature of our region. You can feel at home on the range or shopping wearing our Black Lambskin Leather Parka with Fox Etching for a super-soft luxurious feel and look. For a more weatherproof option, we also offer a functional raincoat lined with fur that can keep you out of the elements and maintain warmth as well.

You can trust Morris Kaye & Sons for your red carpet fur coats and wraps but remember our Texas heritage when you look for your choice of Western furs, hats, and accessories. We will be with you in open fields and when you are out-on-the-town. The same quality and luxury that we infuse into each garment is available in our Western fur choices. Textural elements added to a wide variety of furs offer you stylish and interesting wardrobe options. If you are looking for specific qualities, we can also customize a Western fur coat or accessory specifically for your personal and work needs.

If you have a bit of a wild side to your personal sense of style and fashion, western furs are a requirement for your wardrobe. A unique blend of fur choices and a cut and style that is uniquely western in style combine to create a look that is perfect for a cool fall evening or a quick trip up north.

Western wear is about more than a fashion statement – for many, it's a way of life. At Morris Kaye & Sons, we have created a collection of fur fashions with a distinctly western feel and flair. We know that the cut, color, and style of your fur pieces need to have a little bit of western flavor. We also know how to make the cut into your wardrobe, so we have worked hard to create a collection of western pieces that are guaranteed to please.

As always, at Morris Kaye & Sons, we have focused not only on how beautiful each piece is, but how well crafted they are and the quality of the materials used to create them. You know that buying a fur here means buying the best of the best.

Check out our western line of furs to see which pieces will work for you!