One of the many aspects that attract consumers to mink fur is all of the color possibilities and styles. On the same hand, with so many great choices, it’s often difficult to narrow down the beautiful options to just a few before making a final decision. Mink fur has long been one of the most popular fur styles and has continued increasing in popularity over the last several decades. 

The cost of mink fur is attractive to both average consumers and consumers who have a collection of furs. Since it’s a more widely-available type of fur, the value is usually great for a fur buyer, and shopping for it is fun with all of the unique color options. We’ve offered a summary of how the color options with mink fur have derived and how to choose the best real fur coat for you.

How The Spectrum Of Mink Colors Occurs

Wild mink fur is typically only available in a color spectrum ranging from light brown to nearly black. These are the natural colors of mink, so many consumers wonder how they come to develop so many other beautiful colors. The answer lies in farm-raised mink. Over many generations, mink farms have bred and cross-bred different naturally-occurring mutations to create some of the most unique and beautiful colors you will ever see. Farmers have studied the role of genetics for decades to understand exactly what color combinations create different hues and tones.

A common misconception among consumers shopping for mink fur coats is they believe the amazing colors are too good to be true and have been artificially modified. This would be true in synthetic furs, but when you purchase a real fur coat from a reputable furrier, the colors are natural. Mink farms have been around since the 1800s and they have continued evolving since the beginning. As the farmers continue studying genetics and the color combinations that can be created, consumers get the benefit of having an abundance of color possibilities with mink fur coats.

Color Choices With Mink Fur

The color possibilities with mink fur coats are virtually endless. The natural shades of brown are still popular today since they pair well with almost any wardrobe. But other colors like mahoganies, pinks, violets, pearls, blues, pastels, lavenders, and many other options stand out since they are so unique. In many ways, no two mink fur colors are exactly alike since it has a unique tone and shade. For consumers, this can make for a fun shopping experience since you can almost purchase a customized real fur coat to match the exact color and shade you want. These color possibilities are a direct result of the hard work and dedication mink fur farmers put into their jobs daily.

Choosing The Right Fur Color For You

Now that you have an idea of the amount of work that goes into creating beautiful mink fur colors, the fun part is choosing the right color for you. Everyone has their own style, so the best place to start is usually selecting a color you’re most comfortable with. If you typically wear neutral colors with your outfit, there are plenty of shades of mink fur available in brown, black, gray, or white. 

Whether you’re interested in mink fur coats or other types of mink accessories, you can also select colors based around your natural skin tone, eye color, or even your hair color. The perfect color will enhance your natural color tones and you may be surprised at what color complements them so well. And even if you want to go with a bolder color that’s outside of your comfort zone for a special event, you’ll surely find one that fits your style. You may even find plenty of other uses for it as well after wearing it.

At Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas, we offer every possible style and color of mink fur you can think of. We enjoy talking to our customers about different mink fur coats that may fit their style, as well as any accessories that can complement their look. Come visit us with an idea about a particular wardrobe for an upcoming event or start from scratch and let us talk through the different combinations with you. Mink fur is so versatile that you’ll surely find a style you like and can wear for years to come. We look forward to hearing from you, so feel free to contact us at any time.