Morris Kaye real fur coatSo you’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to purchase your very first fur coat. Congratulations! We’re sure once you’ve slipped on your new coat, you’ll fall in love with it. However, before you start shopping around, there are a few things you should know about the process of buying that first coat. Specifically, there are some key elements you mustn’t ignore as you shop. After all, your fur coat is an investment, not just another addition to your wardrobe. You and your coat deserve only the utmost care and consideration during the buying process. Here are a few tips from us to you that should make browsing and buying your first fur much easier.

Don’t Go Faux!

You’re likely to see a lot of backlash regarding fur apparel. The main argument is that it is unethical, and that by wearing a real fur coat, you’re supporting animal cruelty. Most fashion enthusiasts out there will instead advise wearing a faux fur coat to satisfy your interest. We want to assure you that faux isn’t the way to go! Real fur has a certain, outstanding set of qualities like no other—which faux fur can’t even begin to replicate.

It’s also worth noting that faux fur may protect animals, but it doesn’t protect the environment. A fur pelt that isn’t used to create stylish apparel can only do one thing: rot. Furthermore, faux fur is typically made from synthetic materials, which does no the Earth no favors. Luckily, you can tell these two types of fur apart by:

  • Checking out the backing. Faux fur will typically be sewn to an equally synthetic material. Real fur, however, is backed by authentic leather.

  • Eyeballing the fur. Faux fur is the same length all throughout. Real fur features layers of different lengths: one long, and one short.

  • Touching the fur. Faux fur simply doesn’t feel as good as a real fur coat would. It’s rough to the touch, whereas the real thing is silky and plush.

Always Be Cautious

You may decide to invest in a vintage fur coat rather than trying to search for something brand new. This is never a bad option; however, you want to be sure to exercise caution as you browse around for any vintage fur product. While most vintage furs are well cared for, there are sometimes a few pieces of apparel that haven’t aged well and could easily crumble apart on you. Here are some tips on how to check the quality of any vintage fur coat:

  • Check the leather backing for signs of decay or excess wear. Bad backing runs the risk of losing its grip on the fur attached to it.

  • Don’t purchase anything holey. This is another sign of problems with the backing.

  • Run your fingers through the fur. If there are any rough areas, don’t proceed further with buying that particular coat. This is yet another indication that the backing is on its way out. The ideal real fur coat is always smooth and pleasant to the touch.

At Morris Kaye & Sons, we strive to be the premier service for real fur coats in Dallas. Whether you’re buying your first fur coat or your fifth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll help you find the perfect piece of fur apparel for your wardrobe at an unbeatable price!