Fur Care

How to Take Care of Real Fur: Your Guide to Cleaning, Conditioning and Professional Fur Storage

Do you know how to care for real fur coats?Learn how to care for real fur coats.
Do you know how to care for real fur coats?
Learn how to care for real fur coats.

When you invest in fur coats and other fur items, you need to know how to take care of real fur to ensure you protect your investment and keep your furs looking fabulous for as long as possible. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues people have is they think they can treat their real furs like every other coat they’ve ever owned. The truth is the condition of your fur coat depends greatly on specialized care you can’t get from any source other than a professional furrier. Learning how to care for your coats will ensure you get the most wear out of it and reduce the risk of damage.

Professional Fur Coat Cleaning

A real fur coat isn’t something you can throw in your washing machine or even wash by hand. Just like your skin and hair, real fur pelts require natural oils to keep them in great condition. Not only can your washing machine damage your fur coat with the way it operates, but the detergents you use, even those designed for delicate materials, can dry out the pelts and cause some serious damage. The good news is professional fur coat cleaning is an option and you should use it as often as necessary.

Real fur coats don’t often get dirty in the same way your other coats and jackets may. However, if you notice any stains, you should spot clean it and get it to a professional furrier as quickly as possible to take care of it before real damage sets in. Even if you don’t notice stains or excess dirt, though, professional fur coat cleaning is a necessity. The best time to do this is before you put your coat into fur storage for the warmer months of the year. A professional furrier will use specialized methods to remove dirt and debris so your fur coat will look beautiful for many years to come.

Condition Your Fur Coat

One of the things many owners of real fur coats overlook is fur conditioning. They may even know about fur cleaning and why you need proper storage during the summer months, but they  may not realize the need to condition the fur coat or understand what it means. This process is also known as glazing and is designed to help restore the natural moisture and luster to your real fur coats. When you condition your fur coat, you will be replacing some of the natural oils, removing oils that may have been tainted by dirt and other debris while you wore your coat. This makes fur glazing an important part of the fur cleaning process. Just like your skin and hair is negatively affected when your natural oils are stripped, so are the natural furs from which your furs were made.

Professional Fur Storage

The final step in the process of protecting your fur investment is learning how and when to properly store your fur coat. Unlike your other coats and winter gear, you can’t just put your fur coats away in the closet, the basement, the attic or any other area of your home during the summer months. To ensure the integrity of your furs for years to come, you need to make sure you are exposing them to the proper conditions to help them get through the hot, often sticky, summer months. Storing your real furs in a controlled environment is an absolute necessity if you want to protect your investment.

When you turn to your professional furrier for fur storage, they will inspect your coat and make any necessary repairs and professional fur coat cleaning to ensure your coat is in excellent condition for the next season. They will then store your coat in their secure, controlled vault that keeps your furs stored at the appropriate temperatures and humidity levels to keep your coat in the best possible condition. There’s no good way to store your fur coat with the same protections in your own home.

Do you know how to care for real fur? If you own a fur coat or other fur accessories, it’s important to make sure you know the best ways to protect your investment and keep your furs looking great for as long as possible. Real furs require specialized care so you can wear them for years to come and even pass it down for generations to come.

If you’re looking for professional fur cleaning and storage, contact us. We can help you keep your fur coats and accessories in great condition for longer.