real fur accessoriesWith the arrival of a new year inevitably comes the comes the debut of all sorts of new trends within the fashion world. We can’t think of a more exciting time—especially now that fur is back in style and blowing up the runways! Whether you’re still learning how to accessorize with real fur or need a bit of inspiration to kick your style up a notch, there’s nothing wrong with turning to the latest trends for guidance. In this blog, we’ve gathered some of the best and most promising trends to unfold so far for the winter season. Keep reading to check them out for yourself!

Coats of Many Colors

Neon-colored fur emerged as quite the popular trend in 2017. In fact, it seems to be continuing in 2018, albeit with a new twist. Popular designers like Fendi and Miu Miu are releasing fur coats made up of not just one eye popping color, but several! The body of the coat is generally left one solid color, like blue or green, while the collar, cuffs and trim may be another color altogether. Alternatively, you may find real fur accessories that are mottled with multiple colors along the body, with a collar of another color and trimming that coordinates with the body of the coat. Regardless of just exactly how the coat is colored, this style of fur is guaranteed to appeal to those looking to add a bit more pizzazz to their wardrobe!

The Rise of Fur Belts?

We’ve all heard of fur scarves, muffs and stoles, but how often have you imagined someone wearing fur as a belt? Believe it or not, it has been and can be done! Some of the most stylish celebrities have sported this look while out and about. To pull it off, you’ll generally want to start off with a one-piece ensemble, like a dress or a jumpsuit. Pick any color you’d like. Then choose a long fur belt, preferably in a color that matches or otherwise coordinates with the color(s) of your outfit. Wrap it around your waist for a stylish cinching effect! You can further complete the look with glimmering jewelry and other real fur accessories of your choosing.

Patchwork Coats

Similarly to the multicolored coats mentioned above, designers have also played around with textures this season. You can now find coats made of multiple fur types on today’s market, all of which create quite the interesting sense of visual contrast. Look for coats that combine short, soft fur with patches of long, downy fur, or that are smooth and sleek along the body but long and luxurious around the collar.

Regardless of what style you choose, the Morris Kaye & Sons team is here to help you look great! We’re passionate about helping our customers achieve the best fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio, and we want to assist you in looking your absolute best. Contact us to learn more about our services and sample our inventory.