real fur jacketAnyone who wears fur regularly, or even for the first time, understands why it’s so popular worldwide. The comfort and style of a real fur jacket are unmatched compared to any other garment you own. There have been plenty of discussions about the differences between real fur and faux fur, but what about the differences between wild fur and farmed fur? This question doesn’t get talked about much, but it’s important to know the environmental impacts of each.

Wild Fur Preserves The Environment’s Ecosystem

Wild fur is good for the ecosystem since it helps maintain the right population in certain areas around the world. Areas can become overpopulated, which can put both animals and humans in danger. Wild fur also contributes to some economies, as it is a primary source of income for the families. So when you wear a mink fur coat made of wild fur, you can feel good knowing you’re contributing to both the ecosystem and the economy of some countries.

Benefits of Farmed Fur

Fur farms generally use natural resources to grow food and provide nourishment to all animals on their farm. If fur farms didn’t exist, then these natural resources would likely end up in landfills and potentially have harmful effects on the environment. Since these resources are used in the best ways possible, everyone benefits from it now and in the long-term. So your real fur jacket or real fur accessories that come from farmed fur have benefited the environment from the very beginning.

Real Fur is Better Than Faux Fur

Both wild fur and farmed fur are classified as real fur, so don’t get them confused with faux fur. Faux fur is made from synthetic materials that aren’t sustainable and can actually be harmful to the environment. Plus, from an aesthetic perspective, a mink fur coat made of faux fur doesn’t look as natural as real fur and it won’t last as long either. Regardless of whether you believe wild fur or farmed fur are better, either option is more beneficial than faux fur.

Morris Kaye & Sons can answer any questions you may have about fur. We can tell you exactly where virtually every piece of fur in our store came from. And even if you have an old vintage fur that you don’t know much about, we can use our expertise to give you a good idea of its origin. It’s always good to have a healthy debate about furs and we are always open to discussing them with you. Feel free to contact us at any time to answer any questions you have had about furs.