professional fur coat cleaningSummer is well on its way, as you’ve likely noticed from the rapidly rising temperatures. If you’re a fur enthusiast, you probably realize you now have a bit of extra responsibility with regards to caring for your fur. Now that the weather has grown too hot for you to wear your fur coats and jackets out and about, you’ll have to put it into storage. It’s common knowledge that this is a very important component of how to take care of real fur. However, before you stow your fur away for the summer, you may want to also consider taking care of one other responsibility: seeking out professional fur coat cleaning. There are multiple reasons as to why it is beneficial to do this before storing your fur rather than after.

It’s Much More Convenient

Look at it this way: you will have to utilize professional fur coat cleaning services at some point during the storage process anyway. Getting this task done before you store your fur removes some of the hassle right off the bat. The first thing most fur apparel owners want to do later in the year after taking their fur coat out of storage is to wear it; however, they often have to go through the process of having their fur coat cleaned and freshened up, and this can be an excruciating wait. Having the cleaning process taken care of before you store your fur eliminates this wait and makes your fur ready to wear as soon as it’s removed from storage. You won’t have to deal with any odd smells or general dullness, just lustrous and rejuvenated fur that is sure to make a much-appreciated part of your fall and winter wardrobe!

It Keeps Your Fur in Good Condition

As stated above, the cleaning process is one very important step on how to take care of real fur. Your fur needs the occasional cleaning just as much as any other possession you own—perhaps even more so, since fur is a natural, biodegradable product. It is delicate, and its fragility will increase as it ages. Cleaning and caring for your fur will ensure it has a long lifespan, so you and generations after you can enjoy wearing it for as long as possible.

It’s a Valuable Preventative Measure

Texas weather can be hazardous to fur apparel, especially if you reside in the Dallas and San Antonio areas. The temperatures can rapidly escalate into a swathe of heat and humidity, two things that have never mixed well with fur. Keeping your fur coat as clean as possible will help to shield your fur from these elements so it can better weather the beginning and end of the summer weather.

If you need any more reasons as to why it’s worth it to keep your fur coat clean, you can always turn to Morris Kaye Furs in San Antonio and Dallas for the answers! We are 100 percent devoted to helping your fur look its best, so you can look your best as well. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your fur look stunning, no matter the time of year.