You can find a real fur jacket in a variety of lengths.
A real fur jacket comes in many lengths.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a real fur jacket or coat, you will find there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Beyond the type of fur, the overall style of the coat and the color, you will also need to determine whether you need a long or short coat. Knowing how to wear real fur and which style will work best with your needs can help you make an investment that will last you longer.

An Air of Elegance

One of the biggest reasons individuals invest in a real fur coat, such as a mink fur coat, is because they want an elegant piece they can wear for all of their most important social occasions. In these situations, it’s often best to spend the money on a longer fur coat. While these coats are typically more expensive, they are also viewed in a more elegant light, with shorter fur coats typically viewed as more casual.

Short Furs Are All the Rage

If you’re looking for something more fashionable than elegant, choosing a shorter real fur jacket can be the perfect choice to exhibit your sense of style. There are so many options with today’s shorter fur coats, allowing you to select something that truly speaks to you. They will be available in just about every type of fur, along with a variety of colors and fun styles. If you want to know how to wear a fur coat casually, short furs are the way to go. You will find a vast array of all the latest styles, including jewel tones, patterns and much more. Shorter fur coats are often available with more options because they are considered a casual alternative.

Consider Your Future Needs

If you aren’t entirely sure whether you want a longer or shorter real fur jacket, it’s important to think about your future needs. For instance, if you think you may want a longer fur coat in the future, it’s better to invest in a longer one right away because they often can’t be lengthened. However, if you want something long now, you will easily be able to shorten your coat in the future if you change your mind. A professional furrier can bring up the hem of your coat to any length, giving you the perfect coat to meet your current needs. Just remember you won’t be able to lengthen it again later.

How Cold Is It?

Another factor in the decision whether you should purchase a long or short mink fur coat is  how cold it is where you will wear it. In colder climates, it’s best to select a longer fur coat to help you battle against the cold and the wind that can make winter extremely uncomfortable. A short fur coat may keep your upper body warm, but it won’t do much for your legs. A full-length fur coat can be the perfect way to keep you warm, regardless of how low the temperatures fall.

Your Overall Height

Finally, as you consider the perfect real fur jacket for you, it’s essential to understand how it will fall on your body. This makes shopping in person essential, at least to get an idea of which length is right for you based on your own height. For instance, what may be a 7/8 length coat on someone else may be more in line with a full-length or knee-length coat on you. If you aren’t having the coat custom made to your specifications, you should have a good idea of the true length of the coat so you can gauge where it will fall when you wear it.

Do you know how to wear real fur coats in the most fashionably manner? If you’re shopping for a mink fur coat or any other type of fur, it’s important to consider the overall length as part of your decision. Choosing the right length often comes down to deciding whether you want a fur coat that is casual or more elegant or how cold the weather will be where you live. Finally, you need to understand where each fur coat length will fall on you so you can make the right choice to meet your needs.

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