Fur Storage

Warm Weather Is Here: Cold Fur Storage Will Protect Your Investment

Protect your investment with proper fur coat storage.Proper fur coat storage is essential to protecting your investment.
Protect your investment with proper fur coat storage.
Proper fur coat storage is essential to protecting your investment.

Sometimes it feels like winter will never end, but warm spring weather has finally arrived. As soon as the weather begins to warm up, it’s important to find out how to store a fur coat. In many cases, people think they can safely store their furs in their own home like they do with their other off season clothing. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst things you can do for fur coats for women. Instead, you need to turn to professional mink fur storage in Dallas so you can protect your investment and avoid serious damage that could result in the need for a new coat.

The Perfect Conditions to Protect Your Fur

Mink fur coats, as well as fur coats made from other animal pelts, require specific conditions to ensure they maintain their look and feel. If there is too much humidity, your furs could begin to mold and smell. Too little humidity and the fur will become dry and brittle, while the leather will be more susceptible to cracking. This type of damage is often irreparable. A furrier that offers fur storage in Dallas understands the delicate balance of temperature and humidity to ensure fur coats for women and men are kept in the ideal condition. A professional furrier will store all their furs under the following conditions:

  • Temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Humidity levels around 50 percent
  • Proper air circulation

Most homeowners are incapable of replicating these conditions in their own homes, which makes professional fur storage essential.

What Does Professional Fur Storage Do for Your Coat?

Once you realize the specific conditions your fur coats will need to keep them looking great throughout the hot, humid summer months, you may have questions about what these storage conditions will do for your furs. Proper fur storage offers the following benefits:

Slows Down Biodegration

Furs are all-natural and will therefore degrade over time, like any other natural part of the body. When these furs are exposed to hot, humid conditions, this natural process will speed up, which will vastly shorten the life of your coat. However, when you keep it in the right conditions when you aren’t using it, you will slow down this process, increasing the longevity of the coat and helping you protect your investment.

Prevent Oil Evaporation

Just like your skin has natural oils that protect it, animal pelts have similar oils. When the temperatures rise, this oil can evaporate, leaving the fur pelts unprotected. Cold storage can reduce this rate of evaporation, keeping the furs softer and more pliable so they will feel more comfortable when you wear them. Fur without the natural oils will become thin and more susceptible to tearing and will lose much of its luster and shine.

Maintain Aesthetic Appeal and Function

You chose fur coats for women because of the luxury and the warmth they can provide. These furs are stylish and can provide an appeal many other types of outerwear just can’t offer. However, if you don’t take proper care of these coats by putting them into fur coat storage, your coat will lose some of its attractive features. Cold storage will ensure your coat stays looking the way it did the day you bought it.

What Does the Furrier Do?

When you take your fur coat in for mink fur storage, you will initiate a process that isn’t as simple as just locking your furs away in an environmentally controlled environment. The first step in the storage process is inspecting the coat for damage. Your furrier will look over the coat carefully to determine if it needs any repairs and then make those repairs so your fur coat will be ready to wear when winter returns. After repairs, the furrier will put your furs through a cleaning process to remove any debris. Only after these steps will the furrier put your furs into the controlled environment.

Knowing how to store a fur coat is important if you want to make the investment in furs of any kind. When the winter months are behind us and the summer stretches ahead, the thought of fur coats quickly leaves your mind. However, it’s necessary to put your coat into proper fur coat storage to protect your investment so you can wear your furs with pride when the seasons cycle around again.

If you’re looking for quality fur storage in Dallas, contact us. We take pride in helping you protect your investment in our secure storage facility.