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When Is the Best Time to Professionally Clean Your Real Fur Coat?

Real furs require professional fur coat cleaning.Professional fur coat cleaning helps your coat stay looking great.
Real furs require professional fur coat cleaning.
Professional fur coat cleaning helps your coat stay looking great.

When you wear a winter coat made from man-made or other natural materials, you will be able to throw it in your washing machine or take it to your local dry cleaners whenever it gets dirty. Unfortunately, a real fur coat can’t be cleaned in this manner. If you attempt to clean it yourself or run it through a dry cleaners, you are going to damage your fur coat. Men’s fur coats and women’s fur coats need to be cleaned with a particular process to remove dirt and debris without damaging the delicate furs or the leather underneath. However, many people aren’t sure when they should get professional fur coat cleaning.

When Your Fur Coat Gets Dirty

In most cases, real fur coats don’t get dirty in the same ways that other coats can, which means it won’t need to be cleaned on a regular basis. For most fur coat owners, wearing it for an entire season won’t require additional cleanings. However, as you wear your fur coat, you may encounter conditions that leave your coat filled with dirt and debris. While it’s not necessary to get fur coat cleaning after your fur gets wet, it may be necessary if you are in situations where your fur coat may have become dirty. Taking it to your professional furrier in the middle of the season may not be your top priority, but it will be well worth it in the end.

At the Beginning of the Fur Storage Season

Keeping your real fur coat in your closet for the entire summer can be a serious mistake. The humidity that develops during the summer months can leave your coat susceptible to damage, including mold, and the high temperatures aren’t good for the leather underneath the fur. For this reason, it’s important to invest in professional fur storage to ensure your furs are fully protected and won’t become damaged due to improper storage conditions. However, before they put your coat into storage, it’s important to clean it so it will be ready for wearing as soon as you need it. This is also a good time for your furrier to inspect your furs and determine whether any repairs need to be made.

After Fur Storage

If you haven’t gotten professional fur coat cleaning when you put your coat into storage for the summer months, you may want to get it done when you bring it out of storage when the weather cools off again. One of the benefits of completing fur coat cleaning at this time is it will ensure your coat is clean and ready for the full season. However, most people prefer to have it done before storage so there is one less step to worry about at the beginning of the fur season.

Regular Care

In addition to your professional fur cleaning, it’s important to make sure you are giving your real fur coat the attention it deserves during the wearing season. For instance, you should always let your coat dry out naturally without the use of direct sunlight or heat applications. This will keep your coat in good shape. When you aren’t wearing it, you should store it in a closet where it won’t be crushed between other items. Hang it on a broad hanger and don’t cover it with plastic or any other material. All of these steps will ensure that your coat stays as clean as possible and is in great shape when you’re ready to wear it.

Men’s fur coats and women’s fur coats are an elegant addition to your wardrobe, but it’s important to take the right steps to keep your coat clean and in good condition. While it’s important to take care of your coat during the wearing season, you will also need to get professional fur coat cleaning to ensure your coat is clean and ready to wear next time. Weekly or monthly washing isn’t often necessary, which means you need to learn when the best times to get your fur coat cleaned should be.

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